Sunday, April 4, 2010

What is Your Free National Name & Race?

Salmon begat Boaz… begat Jesse... begat Solomon… begat Jacob, begat Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus. Boaz & Ruth are our Great, Great, Great… grand parents and the family they had were later called Moabites, which are your ancient ancestors. As time passed the Moabite leaders requested from the Pharaoh of Egypt, permission to settle in the northwest and southwest portions of Africa; It was granted. So they settled the land and developed the most civilized, advanced & wises society known to man. Our ancient forefathers were called, “The Torch Bearers of Civilization”. Their dominion and in habitation, before the world’s greatest earth quake that separated the once solid land mass, extended in all directions. The Moabites from the land of Moab are the Founders and True possessors of the present Moroccan Empire. These kingdoms are called to this day Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, etc. After the quake, their dominion extended across the great Atlantic even unto the present North, Central and South America, also Mexico and the Atlantis Islands which were all once the Northwestern & Southwestern shores of Africa (Amexem).

Our ancestors taught the world through the Ancient Kemetian-Moorish Adept Mystery System. The Bassalt Heads and Earth Mounds can be found to this day from Canada in the North, Southward throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central and into South America, proves our pre-America presence. No other people can factually or rightfully make this indigenous claim. This includes the Indian Tribes that followed many centuries later.

We are the return of the Ancient Ones and we are today what our Ancient Forefathers were yesterday, without doubt or contradiction! You are the descendants & hires of this land in which you now dwell! You are indigenous to this country.
This is Africa (Amexem), you’re ancestral HOME!

How can a people be Colored in the 1940’s, Negroes in the 50’s, Blacks in the 60’s, Afros in the 70’s, Black Pan-Africans in the 80’s and African Americans in the 90’s… If Italians, Greeks, English, Chinese, Japanese, Turks and Arabians are forced to proclaim their free national name and religion before the constitutional government of the United Snakes of America, it is no more than right that the law should be enforced upon all other so-called American Citizens alike.

There is but one true and divine way for the misnomer-ed Negro, Blacks, Colored People and African Americans to be free and that is to unite, becoming one family, bearing the one true free National name of their Forefathers. All state certified Birth Certificates, U.S. Social Security numbers and other United Snakes Identifications rest upon Ex post Facto laws which are bogus and fraudulent. Yet, these same laws give authorization to your right from Negro to Moor by you correcting and proclaiming proper Status, which is required by law of all free national governments according to their constitutions. We have naturally derived our Free National Name “Moorish” by West African descent and “American” by indigenous birth.

You are NOT! Negro, Black, Colored, Black American or African American!

These are not Races or Nationalities & the world does not recognize them.

Whether you want to be or not – you are Asiatic by Race & Moorish by Natural Decent! We must stand together in our Proper Person & claim our Free National & Family Tribal names!

Ali, Bey, Dun, Dey, El, Nuwabian, Washitah, Yumanchee or Zulu etc!

Moorish American!

Our Moorish Government, already accepted in writing as a Nation by the Delegates from Geneva at the 2007 UN Conference, is made up for free Moorish Peoples by the Moorish Peoples who need their freedom. In accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights: We have the right to be known by Our One, True Free National Name. We have the inherent Rights to lands, air and waterways originally civilized, inhabited and cultivated by our Forefathers and insure the sanctity of our Men, Women, Children and their prosperity.

Exclaimer: The entirety of this mondus operandi is not to be misconstrued as a religious affiliation, church or secret society because with all free national governments, religion is the choice of its Nationals, not visa versa. This is not intended as an attempt to rally believers to start an uprising, denounce, attack, rebel, or overthrow the existing government of the United Snakes of America. Actually we Vow to Uphold, Protect, Support and Defend this said Government: but only now we do it with Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice; as
True Moorish American Citizens!

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